Military Applications


The management team at Alternet has first-hand experience with many of the military, special operations and clandestine uses of batteries.  The management team is familiar with many of the vendors (most of which people have never heard of) that provide the military with current contained power solutions today.  The most notable experience the Alternet management team brings is with the training operations conducted with small nation-states to empower those entities to support the United Nations consensus on allied sovereign authority.  Accordingly, in addition to Alternet’s efforts to develop partnerships concentrating on the integration of Alternet technology into US combat systems, Alternet is also working to develop similar partnerships for delivering combat systems utilizing Alternet technology to small, allied nation-states.  The US military industry sector is the largest exporter of military systems in the world accounting for over 30% of the entire defense sector market.

The US military spends over $100 million dollars a year on batteries.  Now consider that there are 195 countries in the world (at last count) and only about 20 of them does not have a military.  That’s a pretty big battery market and as military equipment becomes more electronic and more portable, that battery market is only going to grow.