ReVolt Electric Motorbikes


ReVolt Electric Motorbikes is a new company conceived by Alternet Systems, Inc. and launched as an Alternet subsidiary.  Alternet is implementing a commercial product intended to advance energy storage innovation by financing energy storage research and development through investment funds raised based on the independent ReVolt pro-forma financials. The long-term object of ReVolt Electric Motorbikes is to become a leader in the production of electric motorbikes as daily drivers in the developing economic regions of the world were motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are the primary mode of transportation. The current global market for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds is approximately 130 million units per year resulting in $120 billion in annual sales.  As per capita income in developing economic regions continues to improve, motorcycle, scooter and moped sales are correspondingly expected to grow.  Global automobile sales in 2018 is expected to reach just 80 million units.   

Revolt Motrocycle Montage.jpg

ReVolt has started with the production of retro-classic designs for the US market and will later introduce a utility daily driver for everyday transportation in developing economic regions.  The first retro-classic design electrifies the rich history of the BWM R71 motorcycle.  The R71 represented an engineering feat with the move away from the conventional pressed steel frame bikes to the higher strength oval tube frame design which was easily able to cope with the additional stresses of a sidecar attachment.  Some version of the R7 has been in almost continuous production since the original design in the 1930’s.  Some historians claim a similar Russian Military motorcycle, the M72, was extensively built based on designs stolen from BMW while others claim the designs otherwise came to Russia as part of a negotiated deal.  The Russians later shared the designs with their communist allies, China, and China produced the CJ750, still found in use in the Chinese Government today.  Even Harley-Davidson built its own version of the R71, called the XA, for the US Army and then later integrated R71 innovations into their mainstream line. 

ReVolt has constructed its first retro classic designed motorcycles and is currently piloting various electric motor and lithium-ion battery solutions. The company is working toward a production model ready for the holiday market. That same production model would also be submitted for user acceptance trials supporting a recent $1 million fleet order.

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